Website Design & Hosting

Website Design, Hosting and Administration

  • We design state-of-the-art websites using the best and most updated technology tools.
  • We also provide you with our expertise in web administration and managment by using our webserver to host and manage your website.
  • We provide you website features for online marketing, social networking, blogging, forums, etc.

Software Development

Solution Planning

  • This is the most important service of regard to us. our main reason for existence is to solve the computer /ICT - related problems. We simply come in and use our expertise to properly analyse your existing system and propose a feasible system that will solve your technology needs to maximize productivity.

System Analysis

  • Based on consultancy, we could run a full system analysis of your working environment and report in every detail; analysing operation patterns, queues, computer system performance, network productivity, internet access, security, etc. and produce critical and very informative documentation for management to make the right decisions on the way forward.

System Design

  • We study and design systems for organization. a system and working process that limit expenses, maximises productivity, instill confidence, improve standards, etc.
    "Your Choice...Our Design"


  • We write software programs for individuals and companies; automating their manual process and reducing the amount of resources and complexity of processes to achieve their defined goals.
    See our software products for a list of packaged software programs that might suite your business needs.


  • We customize your system and application softwares by branding and designing customized softwares for your company alone to do the specific purpose as chosen.


Individual/Corporate Training

Computer Programming
    • Introduction/Fundamentals to Programming
    • BASIC
    • PASCAL
    • Visual BASIC
    • C, C++
    • Java, Javascript
    • PHP, ASP, JSP, PERL, etc
Software Engineering
    • Introduction to Software Engineering
    • Software Modeling
    • Software Quality Assurance/Quality Control
    • Software design and testing
Software Packaging and Deployment
    • Software Requirements Definition
    • Software Documentation
    • Software Depedencies (Definitions and Linking)
    • Software packaging technologies
    • Software Deployment technologies
    • Software Support, Maintenance and Upgrade managment


    • Olotu 3TC - Olotu Train-The-Trainer Course Certification: This is a special cerrtification course for olotu software professionals. We train you extensively into any of our software products; given you the inside out details needed for installation, training of users at all levels and management.
    • Olotu SUC - Olotu Software User Certification: We certify trained users of our software to work in any establishment it is installed and also recruit by recommendation to clients our certified and trained users.

Computer Forensic

Incident Response, Digital Investigations and Evidence tendering

We offer the preparation, collection, examination, analysis and reporting of computer related criminal activities (potential/actual) to:

  • Criminal Prosecutors
  • Civil Litigation
  • Insurance Companies
  • Corporations
  • Law Enforcement Officials
  • Individuals, etc

IT Consultancy

Yes, we have also created room for general IT Consulting to enable you table us with any of your needs not specified here-in as we help you design a solution, implement a practical system to actualize such or out-source to expert organizations and monitor them to make sure you achieve your exact essence for consulting.